Case Studies    

K12 AV Installers – K-12 Multi-Campus

Customer Profile
K-12 (kindergarten, elementary middle school through high school) education campus environment with 100+ schools and early learning centers. 55,000+ seats requiring on-going support & management. Customer does not have sufficient IT staff to deploy and maintain over 1,200 interactive installs per year and manage over 4,000 current interactive whiteboards. Standard OEM warranty for the interactive white board only includes parts and the teachers are required to call in to the help desk, trouble shoot, and replace parts. Additionally the OEM warranty was lacking because of no parts management that could handle their volume.

Customer Requirements
Manage logistics of receiving and deploying 1,200+ systems per year with certified installers. Establish additional features to be added to standard OEM warranties including adding on-site diagnostic capabilities and implementing a manufacturer warranty parts return process. Population of 4,000 interactive whiteboards requires monitoring service queue, dispatching service and managing returns.

eBryIT Solution
eBryIT met with customer to understand the requirements and begin to tailor a custom solution that met their requirements and expectations. eBryIT assembled an internal team to customize a solution to review with the customer. eBryIT solution included assigning a project manager and a site lead. Services included logistics, receiving, delivery, deployment and trash disposal. Additionally, once the systems are deployed eBryIT provided a seat management solution that includes post warranty support, on-site diagnostics/troubleshooting and parts return management. Daily reporting on project status and deployments and weekly meeting reviews with customer of overall quality management.

Customer was able to deploy 1,200 interactive whiteboards without increasing their internal staffing requirements. Customer was able to stay within budget. Customer is able to use their internal resources to focus on other priorities than interactive whiteboards as eBryIT manages the 4,000 interactive whiteboards.
Customer has realized both hard and soft cost savings from:

No additional labor & benefits cost for adding staff

No additional warehouse or other facilities required to receive and store product

Just-in-time delivery reduces overhead and theft; once it is on the desk it is locked and cannot be stolen

Overall downtime is decreased for end-users because time to turn around repairs is greatly reduced due to a streamlined process – this customer realized a decrease from 6 days to 2 days before repairs were completed.


eBryIT Project Manager

eBryIT Site Lead