Case Studies    

We Fix Any Laser – Corporate Campus

Customer Profile
Secure campus environment with one large building surrounded by multiple stand-alone office buildings. Some satellite offices located throughout the US. Badge required for access to facilities. 250+ laser printers that require 4 hour on-site repair service.

Customer Requirements
Mission critical environment. Heavy usage of legacy laser printers. No backup printers in the event of failure. Require immediate service when a laser printer fails.

We Fix Any Laser Solution
We Fix Any Laser met with customer to understand the requirements and tailor our laser printer repair solution to their organization. Assigned local primary and secondary techs assuring the customer would feel at ease knowing that their printers will always be online. All techs are badged and have un-escorted access to facilities. An evergreen yearly Monthly Maintenance Contract (MMC) agreement was put in place for 4 hour on-site repair service which includes parts, labor, travel and shipment. The only items not covered are the items the manufacturer deems a consumable such as toner or maintenance kits. We Fix Any Laser installs maintenance kits at no charge while under agreement if the kit is purchased from We Fix Any Laser. Printers can be removed from agreement as needed. We Fix Any Laser also provides customer toner and other consumables as needed.

We Fix Any Laser has maintained full uptime for all printers under agreement for over 5 years at this time.
Customer has realized both hard and soft cost savings from:

Dramatically lower cost alternative to refreshing printers by maintaining legacy gear

No staff is required to escort technicians; No loss of productivity

Frees up IT staff from having to deal with printer issues


We Fix Any Laser Field Services crafted solution

We Fix Any Laser Call Center crafted operational mechanics with customer's IT staff